Opening Event!

We held our opening event last night and had a blast! About 60 people came throughout the evening to submit their zines, browse the collection and participate in our zine making workshop. It was great to chat to everyone about the Zine Library and what we are up to and we really appreciate everyone who... Continue Reading →


Planning Event

*IMPORTANT: If you are not already a member, but would like to come to this meeting and get involved in our opening event, please arrive at least twenty minutes early so we can sign you up. Please also email us to give us an idea of how many sign ups will be happening on the... Continue Reading →

Open Meeting #1

We held our first open meeting on August 21st at the George Washington Browne room at the Central Library. It began with a short introduction to the EZL, transcribed here: ā€œ Hello and welcome to the Central Library. Thank you for coming ā€“ its great to see so many new faces here. Iā€™m Lilith Cooper,... Continue Reading →

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